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Lila’s learning to write! (Video)

Lila’s learning to write! (Video) I was cooking and doing dishes (yeah, crazy, I know!) when Lila came excitedly running and screaming “Mommy! I draw my name!” I’ve seen her “write” her name in the past, but she was never this excited about it before, so I asked to to bring it to me. For the first time, I actually recognized her name! Though, if I didn’t know it said her name, I may not have been able to...

Lila’s first night in her new bed

Lila’s first night in her new bed

First of all, Happy Birthday to my Lila! She turned two last Sunday. Crazy, I know. Well, her birthday present from Mommy and Daddy was her very first bed! Again, crazy, I know.


Lila Pic of the Week #1

Lila Pic of the Week #1 Here’s the first Lila Pic of the Week! These photos were taken today in our front yard and driveway. My rule is that the Lila Pic of the Weeks must be taken sometime during each Mon-Sun week, so I won’t necessarily always take them on Sundays. I may wait to post them on Sundays, however, because there may be weeks where we have more than one session and I want to make sure the best of any...

Lila got her first Crocs!

Lila got her first Crocs! Lila got her first pair or Crocs today! It’s the smallest size they make

And the finger and nostril shall become one

And the finger and nostril shall become one Hey, if it means I can stop picking her nose, I’m all for it. Shoot, I’m categorizing this as “milestones”.

Bye bye breastfeeding

Bye bye breastfeeding Well. It’s official. Lila is no longer breastfeeding. Yesterday was the first time she went an entire day without nursing. Lila’s such a little busybody that I’m convinced that she thinks nursing interferes too much with her “plans”. With a sippy cup, she can take drinks in between doing other things. I know I’ve already said this, but I am so glad that I made the...


Self-weening Well, I recently mentioned that I’d be surprised if Lila would be nursing 2 months from now – now I say a week. She only nursed in the morning, today, and had zero interest in nursing before bed. Over the past week, her nighttime sessions have gotten shorter and shorter, lasting no longer than 2 minutes. So, I knew it was coming. She’ll usually nurse 5-10 minutes in the morning,...

A year of breastfeeding

A year of breastfeeding I did it! I met my goal to breastfeed Lila for at least one year! Despite our rough start, breastfeeding this past year has gone wonderfully and I am so glad that I stuck with it. Except for the first week when we had to supplement with formula to get Lila up to her birth weight, Lila was exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months – and I mean breastfed. No bottles. On her 6 month birthday, we...

Lila’s 1st Birthday Party (photos)

Lila’s 1st Birthday Party (photos) Lila’s first birthday is on Friday! Can you believe it?! We couldn’t be in California on Lila’s birthday, so we had a party for her on the 13th. It was at Lila’s Grammy and Grampsy’s house and was a lot fun. Thanks to everyone who made it, and huge thanks Mom and Big Ricky for hosting the party! Enjoy the...

Feeding herself

Feeding herself Lila has been learning how to feed herself over the past few weeks and is getting pretty good. She even managed to eat all her pieces of peaches, this morning, despite them being very slippery and difficult to pick up. We don’t let her feed herself for every meal, but she always feeds herself once or twice a day. She really likes it and is rather proud of her new independence...

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