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More walking practice (video)

More walking practice (video) It’s been 6 days since Lila took her first steps and she’s improved sooo much. She now chooses to walk places instead of crawling. Not every time though. Crawling is still the faster option. Any guesses on when she starts...

Lila’s first tooth!

Lila’s first tooth! Lila’s first tooth came in on Thursday! I was able to feel it on Wednesday, but not see it until Thursday. If you look closely, you can see that another tooth will also be appearing soon...

Lila ‘learns’ to clap! (video)

Lila’s first attempt at clapping! Sorry about the food in her mouth...

I think Lila is a lefty

I think Lila is a lefty For months now I have been thinking that Lila is left-handed. Even when she was first learning to reach up at toys hanging above her head, she would usually reach with her left hand first. We’ve started letting Lila (attempt to) feed herself cheerios and I noticed today that she picks up the cheerio with her left hand every single time. Once, she transferred the cheerio to her right hand, but put...

Lila’s first word: dada (video)

So I first started writing this post on March 28 and never got around to finishing it. Now, it’s been a few weeks since Lila started saying “dada” and it’s safe to classify it has her official first word at a little over 6.5 months old. In the last week or so, she has also started saying “mama”. She doesn’t seem to understand what the words mean yet, though. While...

Lila learns to crawl! (video)

Lila just crawled for the first time! I was on the couch grading and Dave was in Lila’s room hanging out with her. I have a perfect view of the room from my spot on the couch and Dave was like “She’s crawling! Look!” Sure enough, I look up to see Lila crawl like 5 feet. So I grabbed my iPad and got video of her crawling back Yay! Go...

Falling asleep on her own

Falling asleep on her own It all started a couple weeks ago. I got up and fed Lila before heading to work. When I left, Dave joined Lila on the floor of her room and they both fell asleep on the floor. We expected this to be a random fluke, but the next day, I left Lila in her crib (awake) when I went to work. When I came home, Dave told me that she fell back asleep in her crib and had just woken back up. This has been happening...

Lila understands “Bouncy! Bouncy!” (video)

So I’m pretty certain that Lila understands that “Bouncy! Bouncy!” means bouncing in her exersaucer Dave gets all the credit for teaching it to her.

She’s a climber

She’s a climber Lila and I had some fun playing with her little house today. On the house, there is a little window that opens and closes and I was playing peek-a-boo with her through it. She eventually started to try to stick her head through it which was hilarious. Well, the window is a little higher than her head height when she’s on her tummy, so she had to pull herself up to it. This eventually led to her...

Yet another milestone

Yet another milestone For the first time today, Lila pulled herself up to her knees. The bottom drawer of her dresser was open a little, so she army crawled over to it and pulled herself right up. She then promptly started to remove items from the drawer And while we’re at it, I’ll also mention that she seemed to understand “no” for the first time today. Ever since she’s been army crawling...

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