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Happy Birthday Lila! (video)

Happy Birthday Lila! (video) Today was Lila’s 1st birthday! I can’t believe it’s already been a year! Unfortunately, we were both a little sick We wanted to invite some friends over, but I got really sick in the beginning of the week and Lila has had a mild cold (just a runny nose). Even still, we took Lila to the mall so that she could play in the kid area – she had a blast! Most of the kids were bigger...

Lila goes to the lake!

Lila goes to the lake! Our little family, including the puppies, has ventured to California to visit family. As part of our vacation, we went to my parents’ houseboat on Lake Oroville. This was Lila’s first trip to the lake and she had a grand ol’ time! She was very cute in her little bathing suit and board shorts! She went kayaking with Grammy. She also went inner-tubing with Grammy. And...

Feeding herself

Feeding herself Lila has been learning how to feed herself over the past few weeks and is getting pretty good. She even managed to eat all her pieces of peaches, this morning, despite them being very slippery and difficult to pick up. We don’t let her feed herself for every meal, but she always feeds herself once or twice a day. She really likes it and is rather proud of her new independence...

Lila takes her first steps!

Lila takes her first steps! Lila took her first steps tonight! Of course I missed them. All three of us were in the kitchen getting ready for dinner and Lila was standing at one of the table chairs near the backdoor. I needed to go outside to hang something on the clothesline, so I walked through the door. Seconds after the door closes I hear Dave yelling “HUN!” because she was walking after me towards the door. I...

Lila Pic of the Day #176

Lila Pic of the Day #176 After yesterday’s failed attempt at “swimming”, we filled the pool with water in the morning and let the sun blast it all day to warm up the water. Lila was still nervous when we put her in this time, but after I joined her, sat her in my lap, and slowly put her in the water over the course of a couple minutes, she was having a...

Lila Pic of the Day #175

Lila Pic of the Day #175 So we set up a little pool today, but the hose water was way too cold and made Lila cry. She also proved to us that she can stand unsupported for quite a long time because she was scared to sit down in the cold water! It’s funny how motivations works! We’re gonna put the water in the pool in the morning tomorrow so that the sun hopefully warms it up and we can try again. Isn’t her...

Lila is like a puppy

Lila is like a puppy She travels on all fours She chews on anything she can get ahold of She tries to wedge herself through the gate the second it’s opened She ‘runs away’ (laughing) when she gets something she knows she shouldn’t have She’s not potty trained She fetches after a ball, but doesn’t understand the concept of bringing it back She pants when excited She’s always...

Lila Pic of the Day #98

Lila Pic of the Day #98 When I the sun started going down, yesterday, and I realized I still hadn’t taken the Lila Pic of the Day, Dave was finishing up dinner and I didn’t have time to run down the street to the park real quick. So I desperately looked around in my disaster of a backyard. We have a brick grill thing and I thought perfect! After triple checking that there wasn’t any dog poop close by, I sat...

Lila’s first word: dada (video)

So I first started writing this post on March 28 and never got around to finishing it. Now, it’s been a few weeks since Lila started saying “dada” and it’s safe to classify it has her official first word at a little over 6.5 months old. In the last week or so, she has also started saying “mama”. She doesn’t seem to understand what the words mean yet, though. While...

Lila goes to the beach!

Lila goes to the beach! Even though she lives in Colorado, Lila is a California baby at heart! She had her first trip to the beach yesterday and she loved it! We went to Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove and she had a blast playing in the sand. Of course, she tried to eat it a few times, but not constantly. She was mostly interested in how it felt. She was adorable She wore little sunglasses the whole time. My mom put them...

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