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Photos from Lucy’s birth

Photos from Lucy’s birth I was blessed with having Erin from Erin White Photography present at Lucy’s birth and am very excited to share these photos with you. It’s kinda funny, at Lila’s birth, I banned cameras from our room in the birthing center and was not interested in having a single photo taken. But since becoming a photographer, I’ve had a growing interest in birth photography and jumped at the...

Lucy’s birth story: a home water birth

Lucy’s birth story: a home water birth On January 20, 2013, my second daughter was born. This is her birth story. On the morning of January 19, two days past my due date, I was sitting up in bed checking Facebook, Twitter, and Email before getting up to start the day. I had already been up to pee, Dave was starting to wake up, and Lila was still in bed. As I was replying to an email, I felt a little gush that could be my waters. It...

Made the rounds to the neighbors

Made the rounds to the neighbors 10 more days until Baby Girl’s due date! I’m definitely ready and feel like she’s coming soon. But who knows, we’ll see! Dave and I decided that since we’re having a home birth and live in an apartment, it would only be polite to give the neighbors in our building a heads-up. So that’s what we just did. Everyone was super cool with it and nice, so that’s...

Just one reason I’m planning a home birth

Just one reason I’m planning a home birth Most of you know that we have decided to have a home birth for Baby Girl and I’ve received a lot of positive feedback regarding our decision. I was honestly quite surprised by that — so yay for support! Anyway, I also know that there are others who feel I am being irresponsible, selfish, and ridiculous for chosing a home birth. And I understand that I may sometimes come off as anti-doctor...

I feel huge

I feel huge I got a prenatal massage today. It was awesome Well, during the massage I had the following conversation: Massage therapist: “you’re not really swollen at all for how far along you are.” Me: “how far along do you think I am? Massage therapist: “about 30 weeks or so?“ Me: “I’m 22 weeks” Bahahahaha. I wish I could’ve seen her face. She...

Dave felt Baby Girl kick

Dave felt Baby Girl kick Just documenting that Dave felt Baby Girl kick for the first time, tonight We’re 21 weeks along, today.

And Baby’s gender is…

And Baby’s gender is… …a GIRL!!!! So excited that Lila gets to have a sister!!! <3

7 week ultrasound!

7 week ultrasound!

We had an ultrasound, today! It wasn’t needed, but I wanted it done just to give me peace of mind that Baby is doing well — and s/he is! Just wanted to share the pics with you! We got to hear the heartbeat — a strong 140 bpm! <3


5 weeks!

5 weeks! This week Baby is the size of an appleseed! The week increments actually happen on Thursdays, but I didn’t think about the idea of taking this pic until Thursday afternoon and wasn’t able to get an Apple until today. But from now on, you can expect a new similar pic that represents Baby’s size each Thursday! I’m excited about this Both Baby and the pictures...

Pregnant! Again…

Pregnant! Again… So I randomly passed out on the couch today for like 2 hours even though I shouldn’t have been tired. And when Lila woke up me up stealing my blanket, I was pretty annoyed. Once I fully woke up, I was like “hmmm, that’s weird” and even though I’m technically not late, yet, I was suspicious of my behavior and decided to take a pregnancy test. POSITIVE! And not just...

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